6’10’ Blogger Pretends He Was Picked In The 2015 NBA Draft; Gets Women And Alcohol Thrown At Him In NYC

610 Blogger Pretends Picked In NBA Draft

Well duh.

Connor Toole is a 6’10” blogger who looks exactly like he might be in the 2015 NBA draft when he puts on an awkward looking suit and tries to grow an edgy looking beard.

To see if he could really pull this look off, he went on the 15 minute walk from his apartment to the arena in New York City where the draft was happening, stopping in at as many bars as possible. Needless to say, he pulled it off fairly easily as all the girls go completely crazy for him and all the guys can’t stop buying him drinks.

Check out the highlights of his journey in this short video, then check out this dude pretending to be Neymar and trying to pick up chicks in the USA.

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