6-Year-Old Girl Sexually Abused By Man With No Arms Or Legs

Tomy S

Feel free to vomit at your own discretion.

A man with no limbs and named only as Tomy S was arrested in Chemnitz, east Germany recently, after a girl told her mother that he had sexually assaulted her at her own birthday party.

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The mother had met Tomy at a home for the disabled, where she worked as a carer. After developing a friendship with the man she decided to invite him along to her daughter’s 6th birthday celebrations. A decision she soon lived to regret.

The court heard how children, along with the birthday girl – named as ‘Paula’ – had gathered in her bedroom so that Tomy could read them stories. However, once alone with the children, the severely disabled man had told them they should play a game. He explained that he would pretend to be a vet, before asking the other children to leave the room so that he could ‘examine’ Paula.

Tomy S

Paula gave evidence to the court via a video link, she said:

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Tomy was pretending to be a vet. We were playing a game of dares, and he was allowed to examine me because he was the vet and he put his head on my stomach.

Later he told the other children to leave the room and I had to take my trousers off and lay on the bed.

Tomy is then described as having used his head to ‘interfere with her sexually.’

He denied all accusations put forth by Paula, claiming that no games took place:

What she is saying is just not correct. I spent the whole time reading stories to the children.

But the judge was having none of it, saying:

You are just trying to protect yourself. We are convinced of your guilt.

The court had the man guilty of sexual abuse of a child, and the judge awarded him an 11 month suspended sentence and banned him from any contact with the family.

Personally, I think it sounds like he got off a little lightly. Unlike this guy, whose punishment was probably a little over the top.


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