5G Coronavirus Conspiracy Theorists Stage Group Hug Outside London Police HQ


It’s amazing that despite all the discussion that’s already been had debunking 5G/coronavirus conspiracy theories, there are still people out there who believe that coronavirus is a scam and that the disease is actually caused by radiation from 5G towers.

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In fact, there’s so many idiots out there who believe this that a whole bunch of them got together on the weekend and staged a protest outside London’s Scotland Yard HQ, holding up signs demanding “no house arrest” and calling for lockdown to be ended while ranting about the dangers of vaccines and 5G.

Some even brought their kids along to hold up “scamdemic” signs:

As far as what they think of social distancing, they all had a group hug afterwards:

According to the Metro, one of the protesters was arrested for being a particular nuisance, but they just let the rest of them get on with it. Whatever happened to the old trusted police water cannon? Been a while since we’ve seen that one in action.

What’s crazy is that it’s really not that difficult to look up the numerous sources debunking 5G horror stories and explaining the science behind it, but these morons have already decided what they think and so it doesn’t matter how many experts or people smarter than them show them that they are wrong, they’ll still carry on protesting and peddling dangerous nonsense. Can they at least wear T-shirts or sign forms stating that they do not want to be treated by the NHS, while they’re at it?

These are probably the same idiots that sent that conspiracy theory around WhatsApp as to why we’re being asked to clap for the NHS every Thursday. The mind truly boggles.


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