54 Year Old Man Beats The Absolute Crap Out Of Young Kid For Disrespecting Him On The Metro

Young Kid Gets Absolute Tar Beat Out Of Him By 54 Year Old

This is absolutely brutal.

When you’re a 54 year old labourer who works hard all day painting then the last thing you probably want to do is listen to some young drunk kid dissing you for having paint all over you on your train ride home. In fact, it might just be enough to make you snap and go absolutely postal on the kid and teach him a lesson he’ll never forget – if he isn’t concussed from it that is.

The best thing about the beating is that the old man gives the kid a solid lecture and takes his time whilst he’s smacking the tar out of him. Even though the video starts with the fight it seems like the kid was somehow asking for it from what the old guy is saying whilst he’s beating the crap out him and how the kid carries on at him after.

That said, it does seem like he went a bit too far as this is like a seven minute beating. Maybe he should go up against this superhuman old dude fighting these crackheads in McDonald’s – that would be more of a fair fight.

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