54 Year Old Guy Introduces New Sex Doll To His Mother For Christmas



I’ve said this before a whole bunch of times over the years on Sick Chirpse, but I absolutely love the sub genre of people that we cover who manage to fall in love with inanimate objects. Sure, I do worry about their mental health but I figure if they’re so stoked on their ‘relationships’ that they’re going to the media to brag about them then they’re fair game.

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The latest one of these people is 54 year old ‘Rod’ (he’s apparently changed his name to stop unwanted publicity, but not sure how that’s gonna work when he’s posing for photographs as well) who has revealed that he recently started dating a $2054 sex doll named Karina after breaking up with his fiancee. The Australian carpenter from rural New South Wales was in a perpetual state of loneliness and discovered Karina online via a sexual stimulation tools website.

After purchasing her, he slowly began to open up his feelings towards her, before picking up another doll called Lauren for a discounted price of $2000 and then introducing Karina to his mum for Christmas. Here’s what he had to say about it all:

Karina changed my life in many ways and finally gave me something to care for.

The doll became my synthetic physical companion.

Slowly my heart opened up, and I was distracted from my grief of losing my ex [fiance] that just wouldn’t go away by itself.

Mum basically looked at her [Karina] as if she was poison.

In the end, she warmed up – it was like a long lost daughter – she really got into it and started picking out clothes and jewellery for her.

I haven’t introduced her to Lauren just yet though.

My friends and family think they’re strange but the dolls have had a positive effect on my life.

I’m actually in a long term relationship with a woman named Jenny from Vietnam and we recently got engaged.

There were some tense moments when she discovered Lauren and Karina, but she accepted my hobby after some time, and often would help me with some advice.

I now have an Instagram account where I take modelling shots of Karina and I’ve secured a contract with Chinese manufacturer to photograph promotional material for their adult dolls.

I get to keep the dolls after I’ve photographed them and Jenny is happy to support me in this endeavour.

Jesus Christ there’s a lot to unpack there isn’t there? I’m kinda surprised that this Jenny woman is OK with ‘Rod’s’ obsession with fake lifesize dolls, but I’m also aware that this is probably some kind of romance scam where he’s also sending her money and that they probably haven’t even met yet despite their engagement.

There’s also the fact that his mother apparently came around to the idea that her son was dating sex dolls? I suppose maybe there’s some kind of mental health benefit of engaging with an inanimate object and pouring your heartbreak onto that after a bad breakup if the mother really was eventually that accepting of it? Someone should probably a commission  a university paper on the subject or something.

As for Rod, I guess I wish him all the best with his endeavours? Seems like he’s really thriving since he hooked up with the sex doll so gotta give him that as well.

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