500-Pound Male Fighter Gets Destroyed By 140-Pound Female Fighter With Fists Of Steel (VIDEO)

Russia is taking MMA to the next level.

We’re in Russia for this one as MMA fighter Darina Madzyuk squares off against Grigory Chistyakov in a freak show fight for the ages.

A sanctioned fight between a man and a woman is always going to court controversy, but even more so when the female weights 139-lbs and her opponent is a big, fat 529-lbs mastodon. That’s a near 400-lbs weight (dis)advantage!

Here’s how the fight played out:

Incredible. What technique from the winner! When you’re a slim, red-headed female fighting a Yokozuna-esque monster in a cage, you’ve got to let the fatty get knackered out. Once you’ve made him exert a little energy, it’s over. You wait for him to end up on his belly like some kind of beached MMA whale and then jump on top of him and smash his head in. Just like Darina did in this fight!

In any case, good effort by Grigory Chistyakov. If one of those flabby arms had connected he may have actually won this one. On the plus side this is probably the most a woman has ever touched him in his life. Probably the only time a woman will ever lay on top of him too. Luckily he had the perfect place to hide his boner.

To watch Russia take on the Czech Republic in an insanely brutal 5-on-5 fight, click HERE. Can’t believe that’s legal.


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