A New $500 Bulletproof Backpack For Children Has Sold Out In America

Bulletproof Backpack

is this not enough to realise that there’s a problem over there?

It was always vaguely exciting going back to school because you got a bunch of new stuff to wear and use in class – it was probably more exciting for your parents though as they finally got some time to themselves after six weeks of having to hang out with you.

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That’s not the case in America though, as it seems like parents are genuinely fearful for their children’s lives when they go back to school due to the never-ending wave of school shootings that seem to happen over there. This has been thoroughly exemplified by the fact that Israeli Armour manufacturer Masada is now making a bulletproof backpack for children that they can take to school to try and help protect them in this eventuality.


Whilst this is ridiculous enough, it turns out that even at $500 a pop there’s a massive market for them as they’re already sold out. No kidding.

The backpack itself is a pretty cool invention as it can be transformed into a bulletproof vest in a matter of seconds. Not that that’s gonna be much use if the school shooter is aiming for the head but you’ve gotta admit it’s kinda smart anyway. I mean At least they’re doing something to try and solve the problem – way more than those rich Republicans who will never allow guns to be banned in that country when it could literally be that easy to stop these things happening. That’s a whole different debate though.

One question that might be overlooked though is how hard a kid wearing this is going to get bullied when he turns up to school. Nothing screams overprotective parent like a bulletproof backpack and kids are gonna target that. Although I suppose the kid with the backpack might have the last laugh if the school does get shot up. Something to think about there.

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