This Drone Footage Of A 50 Lane Traffic Jam In China Looks Like The Stuff Of Nightmares

Chinese 50 Lane Traffic Jam

I swear to God this happens every year in China and every year it gets even worse.

Over in China they’re celebrating what they term ‘The Golden Week’ which means that most of the country gets to go on holiday. That’s great, but unfortunately it also means that around 750 million people will be travelling throughout the country and due to their shitty road system it’s led to scenes like the one you can see above of a 50 lane traffic jam involving probably around 50,000 cars.

The chaos was caused by a new checkpoint that was installed outside the capital of Beijing that was simply way too ill equipped to deal with such a vast expanse of traffic after everyone was returning from their holidays. Smart move there from whoever’s working in city planning.

Basically, with more and more people returning in their cars to this checkpoint and there being no capacity to get them through at a quicker rate, the traffic jam just grew and grew for as far as the eye could see. And there was obviously absolutely no way that any of these cars could move or turn around or go anywhere, so once they were there they were in there for the duration.

Most people just got out of their cars and walked around shooting the shit, probably trying to find cigarettes or food because they were there for so long with little hope of ever escaping. You can check out a video of the traffic jam below:

As you can see, it probably is just as bad even after you’ve made it through the checkpoint as you’re still travelling at a pace of about one mile per hour. Absolute bullshit really.

You can check out some photos from the jam on the slideshow.

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Chinese Traffic Jam 1

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