50 Cent Makes It Rain In The Strip Club Just In Case People Think He’s COMPLETELY Broke

How do you respond to the whole world telling you you’ve gone bankrupt? Like this.

News broke the other day that 50 Cent had declared bankruptcy, and most people suggested this was just a sneaky tactic he was using to avoid paying out $5 million or so to a woman suing him over a sex tape he uploaded to his official website.

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Well, if that’s the case it’s definitely an interesting strategy showing up at a strip club on the same night and throwing wads of cash at a bunch of strippers:

Kind of works against the whole “make out I’m broke” plan he was going for really. Or maybe he’s trying to find some kind of balance between showing us he’s not broke and showing the courts he IS broke? Come on 50, you can’t have it both ways.

Anyway, we all know the most interesting rappers are the ones who keep making terrible life decisions, so keep doing your thing dude.


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