50 Cent Just Ruthlessly Punched A Female Fan Mid-Concert (VIDEO)


Go shorty.

During his Saturday show at the Baltimore Soundstage in the US, 50 Cent pulled the ultimate career ruining move (not that there’s much of a career left to ruin) by punching a female fan.

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The unidentified woman allegedly pulled at the rapper’s arm, causing him to lose it and attack her. He was dragged away by another dude on stage.

If that weren’t manic enough, 50 then decided to invite her on stage and she was later seen twerking. Well that got smoothed over pretty quickly:

This isn’t the first time he’s lashed out on a crowd member. Back in 2005 he was sentenced to two years probation for jumping into the audience after being hit with a flying water bottle. You’ve got to sort out that temper 50 – you can’t be going around hitting girls for fun. It’s 2017 dude, get a grip.

Then again, he’s not PC at the best of times. Here’s a video of him mocking a disabled kid in an airport. Sort it out mate.


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