50 Cent Terrorises Disabled Kid In Airport (VIDEO)

Not cool.

50 Cent was at the airport the other day when he saw a young man pushing a cleaning cart through the terminal and thought he seemed a bit weird.

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Somehow it didn’t cross his mind that the kid might be disabled, and so he started recording and taking him the piss out of him for being high. Then he posted it on Instagram with this caption:

The walking Dead, SMH LMAO I mean How high are trying to get Damn!!!

50 quickly took down the video once someone pointed out his error in judgment, but of course by then it had been ripped and uploaded elsewhere.

Watch below:

An example of the backlash that followed:


Pretty unreal display of unawareness by 50 here. The footage itself is telling enough but anytime you talk to someone and they don’t talk back or even look at you I’d think it’s obvious they’ve got something going on. That thought didn’t even cross 50 Cent’s mind though. His immediate thought was “this kid is high off his face LOL!” Obviously it’s not funny to pick on disabled people but the fact 50 Cent so massively misjudged the situation did kinda get a laugh out of me.

Remember when Donald Trump did the same thing with a disabled reporter? Whoops.


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