50 Cent Is Being Called A Creep After Making This Controversial Claim About Women

WTF is he going on about?

50 Cent was on a podcast named Lip Service this week discussing a variety of NSFW topics when he came out with something pretty creepy and stupid.

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50 and the four female hosts were talking about oral sex, when 40-year-old 50 said he doesn’t consider a female a grown woman until she loves “pleasing men”. Err…

Here’s exactly what he said:

I feel like within oral sex, as far as woman are concerned, you can see the threshold of girl vs woman. A girl at points thinks oral sex is icky. When she becomes a woman, it becomes giving head. That girl is not a woman until she finds pleasure in pleasing a man… I don’t consider a girl a woman until she finds pleasure in pleasing a man. And vice-versa.


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I mean, I guess you kinda get what he’s trying to say, but it didn’t exactly come out sounding too great. By the same token does a male stay a boy until he enjoys eating pussy? How about people who don’t enjoy licking each other’s butt holes? Where do they come into all of this?

One of the hosts replied:

I don’t think you become a woman when you enjoy sucking dick because I enjoyed sucking dick as a teenager.

Which is also a valid point.

When asked about ex-girlfriend Vivica A. Fox’s claims that he’s gay after he took him up the ass with a dildo:

I experienced it. It was a older woman, it just happened one time. I don’t request this, but if someone’s really trying to bring you somewhere, they try different things.

Fairly open-minded for a gangsta rapper, eh? I guess you can afford to tamper with your street cred a bit, so long as you’re routinely robbing people’s chains on stage at your own concert.


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