A 5 Year Old Girl Has Cut Off Her Hair After Momo Appeared In Peppa Pig Video



The fear about the Momo game is reaching fever point in this country with some sides saying it doesn’t exist at all and other horrific stories like this coming out at all.

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25 year old Sam Barr thinks that her 5 year old daughter Jemma has been brainwashed by the creature after she cut off her hair when Momo appeared as she watched a Peppa Pig video on YouTube on Tuesday. Sam said the following:

I feel like my precious little girl has been brainwashed by this sick game.

Thank God she only cut her hair – it could have been so much worse

The day began like any normal morning with us both rushing around to get ready before school.

I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and my daughter, Jemma, was in her bedroom.

She was very quiet so I went to check on her.

Jemma was standing in the middle of the room with a pair of kitchen scissors by her side.

There was hair everywhere. Her beautiful, blond hair had been hacked off, right down to the scalp, on both sides of her head. I burst into tears and felt sick to my stomach.

I realised Jemma must have done this to herself. There was no other explanation. I couldn’t be angry with her. She is a sweet girl who is generally very placid. She’s never done anything like this before.’

My jaw dropped when Jemma said “Momo made me do it”. She said that Momo wants everybody to be bald and made fun of her for having long hair.

And Momo threatened to hurt her if she didn’t cut her hair off.

I’d read about Momo the previous evening and had made a mental note to be extra-vigilant when Jemma was using electronic devices.

When I checked the browsing history on all our devices, it looked like Jemma was watching normal stuff. She’s hooked on Peppa Pig so I’d expect to see that on there.

‘Looking back, Jemma had been acting strangely for a few days. I think that was because of Momo.

Now she says things like “Momo will tell me what to do next” and “Momo won’t let me say”.

She smiled at me last night and said “Best keep one eye open when you’re sleeping”.

It’s terrifying to think about what she’s been exposed to and, for now, the internet is turned off completely in our house.

I mean this is pretty freaky and I don’t really think that this woman really has any reason to lie about all this unless she needed a quick buck so desperately that she was willing to cut off all her child’s hair in order to get it? Don’t quite buy that there.

So I guess this means Momo videos are real and some sick fuck is out there cutting them into videos that kids are watching and uploading them onto YouTube or wherever. Really think that the powers that be need to start monitoring what gets uploaded and stuck into playlists real quick before something really terrible happens. This could only be the beginning.

For more of the same, check out this 6 year old girl telling her that Momo could kill her in her dreams. Chilling.



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