A 6 Year Old Girl Has Spoken About How Momo Could Be In Your Dreams Or Kill You



All the news and fear this week has revolved around Momo and how the deadly suicide game has supposedly spread to the UK.

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Momo apparently contacts children via WhatsApp or through hacked videos on YouTube and then orders them to either attack other children or self harm, although several charities have this week also come forward and said that it’s a hoax and that the accounts that have appeared online are false.

One girl who disagrees with this vehemently though is six year old Bre-Andria Roussell from New Orleans, who claims to have been contacted by Momo whilst she was watching a Peppa Pig video on YouTube. Obviously this isn’t in the UK so we can’t attribute her testimony to the fact that the game is starting to be played over here, but it should indicate that it does actually exist in some capacity out there and could be making its way over here.

Here’s what Bre-Andria had to say about it:


Momo is like an app. You can call or text her.

She could be in your dreams or she could kill you.

When you call her she’s going to hang up – and then it can start getting freaky.

You’re going to text her if we could be friends and she will say: “Yes, we can be best friends.”

But when you come to her house, when she sends you the address, she’s gonna actually kill you.

I don’t do that app because I don’t want to get killed.

I don’t want that to happen to me so make sure y’all stay safe, OK?

I mean that is really creepy and kinda scary really isn’t it? The girl sounds like she actually believes it and has experienced it as well – there’s no way that a 6 year old could me making all that up is there? Just be safe and try and educate people/children about Momo and how it’s not real and that self harm is never a good idea. Please stay vigilant.

For more of the same, check out the idea that the Momo Challenge is a hoax. Pretty important post.



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