5 Celebs You Shouldn’t Want To Bang But Probably Would

If you’re telling us that you wouldn’t bang #4 then you’re 100% lying through your teeth.

For whatever reason, we find it shameful to admit we find certain people attractive. Is it because we need others to validate their attractiveness before we feel comfortable doing the same? Is it because we find them attractive for the wrong reasons?

Either way, we’re about to put an end to it all with this list of 5 boys and gals who really shouldn’t be considered attractive but totally are.

Let’s go:

5. Yo-Landi

Die Antwoord’s Yo-Landi is one seriously freaky looking chick and you know what? We don’t hate it. Probably the most attractive looking crackhead on the planet.

Never mind the fact she looks like she’ll devour your soul through your dick when she’s wearing those fucked up black contacts — sometimes in life you’ve just go to go for the experience no matter how much it frightens you and hooking up with Yo-Landi is that kind of experience.


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