4G Mobile Phone Mast Set On Fire In Birmingham Because People Thought It Was 5G


One of the more bizarre left turns during this Coronavirus pandemic is the enduring narrative of a link between COVID-19 and the erection of 5G phone masts and the ensuing lengths that people are going to in order to destroy them.

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Birmingham was already a hotbed of this kind of behaviour after a 5G mast in Acocks Green was burnt down last weekend and it looks like they’re at it again this week – although they’ve managed to screw it up completely and accidentally burn down a 4G phone mast instead. Not that setting the 5G one on fire would have done any good but it’s pretty dumb to get the wrong mast you know?

Here’s what a spokesman for the West Midlands Fire Service said about the incident:

We received a call at 12.28am on April 10 to Coleshill Heath Road in Chelmsley Wood to say that a phone mast was on fire.

We mobilised one appliance from Sheldon who met the owner of the mast at the site where they found the 80 ft mast well alight and leaning heavily to one side.

We didn’t take fire fighting action due to the live electrics but laid out one jet just in case. By 1.10am, the fire had burnt out but the transformers were still on fire. Once the fire was isolated, the crew used a main jet to extinguish the remaining fire at the base of the mast.

As this is a suspected arson attack, our crew requested police attendance. We will be returning later this afternoon to check on the site.

Blows my mind that people are sneaking out under lockdown to burn down phone masts, but I guess that is sadly what the world has come to in 2020. If you’re reading this and think that 5G is causing Coronavirus then do yourself a favour and stop going down YouTube wormholes and have a beer and watch some music videos or something. Seriously.

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