4chan Trolls Women Into Shaving Their Heads In Support Of ‘Black Lives Matter’

Oh dear.

It looks like the trolls at 4Chan have been up to their old tricks again. In fact they may have outdone themselves with this one – creating a fake #gobaldforBLM movement and tricking people into shaving their heads in support of Black Lives Matter.

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As screwed up as this is, it was actually a genius bit of trolling. At the end of last week, the hashtag #gobaldforBLM started appearing on Twitter. The goal of the fake hashtag was “to get women, particularly white women, to shave their heads for BLM.”

4Chan users created loads of fake Twitter accounts to get the hashtag trending, and even posted random pictures of women with bald heads to make out like people were already doing it.

They even Photoshopped a fake ABC News article to make out as though Emma Watson had joined the movement. Lol:

Well that was all some people needed to see to get the clippers out and show their support for BLM.

Here are the results:

Amazingly, after this was all revealed to be a 4chan troll move, some people still insisted that the #gobaldforBLM movement was genuine and 4chan were actually trying to hijack it to get people to stop shaving their heads.

^ Now of course that account could also be 4Chan using a sneaky bit of reverse psychology on people to keep them shaving their heads. If so, that is an absolutely diabolical bit of 4D chess those guys are playing.

Either way, it’s probably not the best idea in the world for anyone to essentially become a skinhead for Black Lives Matter. Plenty of other ways you can go about showing your support.

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