4chan Helps Jenna Jameson Track Down Her Backstabbing Former Personal Assistant

Jenna Jameson turned to 4chan for help and they were only too happy to oblige – on one condition, naturally.

Jenna Jameson hired 4chan as her own private detectives the other day when she asked for their assistance in tracking down her former personal assistant, who had apparently accessed her social media accounts and deleted all her photos.

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4chan agreed to help — on one condition, naturally:


Jenna was happy to oblige:


True to their word the 4chan crew had a look around and quickly tracked down Jenna’s ex-assistant’s address, last 4 digits of his social security number and his credit store — more than enough for the former blue movie superstar.

Jenna thanked the team with a series of NSFW snaps, which you can click/slide over to check out.

(Click the arrows below to check them all out.)

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