49 Year Old Man With Bionic Penis Loses His Virginity And It Went ‘All Night Long’

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Losing your virginity is a stressful enough experience, but imagine if you’re a 49 year old transgender man losing it with a bionic penis. That’s gotta be next level on the nervous scale.

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Despite this though, Lee Carter managed to conquer his fear and have sex with a woman named Leanne who he met on Facebook. Lee underwent five operations over a three year period to transition into a guy, and was fitted with a bionic penis using skin from his arm. He has a pump inside his testicle which allows him to become erect.

Even though Lee had a bunch of offers to take his male virginity, he waited for the right person and eventually found her in Leanne. She had read his book which detailed the transition process and added him on Facebook – the two then got to talking and Lee drove 200 miles to meet her at a hotel bar. The rest is history.

Here’s what Lee had to say about the experience:

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I waited a long time, but it was worth it. It was incredible and we both enjoyed it so much we didn’t stop all night.

I said I wanted to wait for the right woman and I’m glad I did because Leanne is a beautiful person inside and out and we are so happy.

We both felt a really strong connection to each other. I knew she was the one, and she felt the same.

I was nervous but a few beers definitely helped. I knew everything worked but it was just because it was the first time with a woman.

I couldn’t believe it was finally happening and I was losing my virginity as a man, but more importantly with someone whom I cared deeply about and who felt the same about me.

Well isn’t that just great? Happy for the guy, although deep down I’m kind of sceptical as to whether or not this relationship is going to last. Real life just doesn’t work that way.

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