4/20 UK Annual Smoke Up At Hyde Park

Time to clean that bong out!

The future’s bright – the future’s green. That’s the message hopeful crowds will be staging at Hyde Park again this year, for 4/20’s now annual smoke-up in London’s high profile park. Parallel events will also be held in Nottingham’s Arboretum Park and Leeds’ Hyde Park, and even in the iconic smoking capital of the world, Amsterdam. This is to show support against new laws which will prohibit tourists from enjoying a civilised smoke in the city, and plans to place elitist restrictions on Dutch tokers, dictating where and from whom they can purchase their dope.

The London event started small in 2010, attracting only handfuls of tokers. The following year it had swollen, engulfing more of Speaker’s Corner, as the video footage shows. Happy tokers of all ages unified at the symbolic movement, showing the city of London and its police force that peaceful smoke-ups are the way forward; probably the future. Observe.

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Last year attendees were treated to fire eating, hits from the bong (both musically and literally) and had the rare opportunity to mass-mingle with other like-minded supporters and activists. For those of you hoping to, or already claiming your corner of the business market, this is a great chance to network and promote yourself and your niche. For those who are reliant on medicinal marijuana to relieve symptoms, but won’t be able to join the sea of green – remember – we are the inherent  inspiration behind these movements.

If you fancy showing your support at a massive sesh, they all take place on April 20th 2012. Those lucky ducks among you who will be in the Dam on this day, why not mooch down and offer your support to the Dutch? The new laws, if imposed, will change the Dutch dope scene as they know it, and for us? It’s probably over. Gatherings like this on British soil are essential to highlight and promote the belief that the UK should nurture its own medicinal green culture, without threat of retribution.

I hope you’ll all be there, brandishing fat reefers and even fatter smiles! We are the people, so we are the change. Let’s lead it in a positive light, and have a great day out, too!


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