42 Year Old Mum Spends £350,000 On Surgery To Look Like Barbie

Move over Valeria Lukyanova (Human Barbie) — we’ve got a new self-proclaimed plastic doll in town and she comes in the form of 42-year-old Nannette Hammond.

This mum-of-five has spent more than £350,000 on surgery in order to look like a real-life Barbie and she’s not stopping there. So far the money has gone on three boob jobs, a breast lift, lip-fillers, botox, veneers, semi-permanent make-up, nail extensions, hair appointments and tanning. She also has three custom built Barbie cars including a pink Porsche.

Her obsession with blonde plastic dolls started as a kid when she had a massive collection of over 50 Barbies. She said:

I loved playing with those Barbies. Growing up, I felt shy and self-conscious about my looks and wanted to be just like the dolls.

I imagined they’d always be happy and I felt drab in comparison. I didn’t like my hair colour and as a teen, I really wanted bigger breasts.

I always knew I wanted a boob job as soon as I could. I started going on sunbeds when I was 16 to get Barbie’s honey colouring.

So she grew up with a healthy self-image then. Nannette went on to have her first boob job when she was 21, her second when she turned 24 and a final one when she was 38. And she hasn’t ruled out a fourth in the future. When discussing the surgery, Nannette said:

I just love plastic surgery. The needle feels like a massage and once it goes in, I don’t want to leave! It’s very relaxing.

In addition to all those lovely needles, she works out and eats lightly, meaning she has to spend over £200 per month getting her clothes altered to fit her tiny waist.

As mentioned, Nannette is a mother-of-five and apparently has come under scrutiny from other parents for posting risqué pictures of herself on Instagram. Although this doesn’t really seem to faze her, as she said:

Sometimes, my kids do get upset when people point at me or make mean comments about my appearance. It does make me sad to see my children like this but I tell them not to worry.

I’ve taught my kids that whatever cruel things people say, you should always be yourself and treat others kindly.

Oh well that’s all good then. Although maybe teaching them that a natural and healthy self-image is an important trait too? As well, maybe someone should’ve told Nannette that she looked tonnes better before all the surgery.

Hey ho, each to their own I guess. At least she didn’t take it as far as the woman who has hypnotherapy to make her more ‘brainless’ like a Barbie doll. That’s next level crazy.


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