42 Year Old Mother Falls In Love With Her Son’s 18 Year Old Best Friend

True love.

Another month, another story about an age gap relationship where the people involved feel the need to justify it by selling their story to the newspapers.

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This time it’s the turn of unemployed 42 year old Dawn Northey, who fell in love with her 16 year old son Callum’s online gamer friend Takhari Aldridge. Takhari – who is also unemployed – had been playing games with Callum for three years, but was slightly older than him and was 18 when Callum invited him to stay at his house and things rapidly heated up between him and Dawn.

Here’s what she had to say about their relationship:

When I first met Takhari, I couldn’t believe I found an 18-year-old attractive. Thankfully he fancied me too in the end and now we’re head over heels in love.

As we pulled up to the house, I saw Takhari standing in the driveway. He was tall, dark and handsome. I went inside and chatted with Takhari’s mum while the boys played video games upstairs.

When Takhari came to visit, I was excited to see him. I kept stealing glances at him around the house. Every day I had to tell myself I was too old for him and to stop being daft. I thought it was just a silly crush.

When I drove him back to Wolverhampton, we chatted away about our lives, I had no idea how mature he was.

When we arrived, Takhari suddenly leaned in and kissed me in the car. I couldn’t believe it. I had no idea he fancied me too. I was over the moon.

Takhari’s mother discovered our text messages though and kicked him out of the house.

I was heartbroken. Takhari had nowhere to live so I told him to come stay with us. Next, I needed to come clean to my son, but I was terrified.

That night, I told Callum that Takhari and I had romantic feelings for each other. I explained that if he didn’t accept us then we would end it immediately, as neither of us wanted to sacrifice our relationship with him.

Callum shrugged his shoulders and told me he was fine with it. I’d never felt so relieved.

Whenever I held Takhari’s hand in public, strangers gave me dirty looks.

Even someone from my family accused me of grooming Takhari and threatened to call the police. We were both horrified.

Takhari has given me a new lease of life.

He and Callum are still best friends and it hasn’t affected their friendship. Addison even calls Takhari Dad now, it’s adorable.

Although Takhari’s mum hasn’t given us her blessing, we really hope she will one day. I don’t see why people judge our relationship when we are simply happy and in love. Most of the time we forget we have an age gap anyway.

That’s nice for them, but you can’t really help but think that it is a bit weird when someone’s mum starts dating their friend. At least everyone involved seems ok with it except Takhari’s mum (Callum’s dad was already out of the picture apparently), now I guess they just both have to find jobs to make sure that they have the finances to continue their lifestyle. Maybe Takhari and Callum can become pro gamers – that would be a neat end to the story wouldn’t it?

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