42 Year Old Katie Price Is Getting Matching Tattoos Of Each Other’s Faces With 31 Year Old Boyfriend After Two Months Of Dating

Does she ever stop?

I can kinda understand why Katie price is still in the public eye after suffering so many embarrassing episodes over the years and it’s because she’s still willing to do completely stupid and ridiculous things even after getting stung so many times previously in the past.

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The latest of her bunch of wacky ideas involves her getting a massive face tattoo of her new 31 year old boyfriend Carl Woods’ face over her forearm to cover up another one. She’s also expecting him to do the same and revealed that she made the appointments to get the tattoos without his knowledge.

Sounds like the basis of a really healthy relationship, especially one that’s only in its infancy and has been going on for just over three months. Definitely can’t see anything going wrong here, can you?

The weird exchange was recorded in a video for her YouTube channel and you can actually see the horror and unease in his face and voice when Katie reveals the news to Carl. Sadly you don’t actually get to see the tattoos in the video, so don’t bother watching it if you were hoping to see how horrific they looked.

Rest assured though, we will see the tattoos in an upcoming video and I imagine that they’ll be even worse than you imagine. Katie Price, the gift that keeps on giving.

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