41 Year Old Russian Teacher Accused Of Affair With 17 Year Old Student After Photo Of Lesbian Sex Act Emerges

Teacher Sex

Can’t really argue with that one.

If you’re going to do something ridiculously stupid like have an affair with one of your underage pupils, then you should probably adopt the mantra of no photographs as no photographs means that there’s no evidence, so whenever you break up you don’t have to worry about your whole career/life being messed up because of it.

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Whilst this is a completely sensible way of doing things, nobody actually seems to stick with it which is why 41 year old Russian teacher Irina Ibragimkhalimova from Borovichi has found herself in hot water. She’s alleged to have had an affair with 17 year old student Valeria Fedorova and when there’s a photograph of the pair of them making out in bed – as well as several others of them hanging out – there’s not really any disputing it, is there?

Teacher In Bed

Yep, I don’t think you can argue with that and apparently there are loads of text messages between the two when they talk about how much they love each other and all that. Nevertheless, the pair of them are trying to deny it, with Valeria saying that someone has used Photoshop to alter the images and Irina stating that she doesn’t own any of the underwear in the pictures. Not really buying those excuses are you?

The pair are also claiming that someone is trying to blackmail Irina which is why the pictures are now in the public domain. Although it’s a pretty shoddy blackmail attempt if they’ve actually released the pictures – surely they can’t get any money for them now, right? Seems like a flawed execution.

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