40-Year-Old Man Gets Absolutely Obliterated By 15-Year-Old In Fight Outside Pizza Place (VIDEO)

He’ll never live this down.

Unless you’re a professional fighter or absolutely have to protect yourself, fighting is a young man’s game. If you’re a 40-year-old man still getting into fist fights on the street, then honestly just kill yourself. At that age you should be able to use your brain to avoid physical confrontation using words or just avoiding the situation altogether.

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Not to mention the fact that teenagers are generally bigger and stronger these days, whether that’s down to their diets or their porn watching habits or whatever. In this case though, the teenager is built like a member of One Direction, so I have no idea how the 40-year-old didn’t manage to beat him up.

Watch below:

Straight up embarrassing. Not only for the guy himself but also his wife having to watch him get beaten up by a teenager with full knowledge it’s ending up on YouTube later. Really no excuse as to why he couldn’t have taken that kid down and taught him a lesson about respect. I mean where’s that grown man strength we’ve seen in internet fight videos before? Can’t see him living this one down anytime soon unfortunately.


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