40 People Are Still Trapped At A Music Festival After The Coronavirus Outbreak

The last festival on Earth.

You probably thought that you were in a pretty shitty situation right now having been stuck indoors for the past five weeks or however long it’s been, but take a moment to think about the people who went to The Tribal Gathering Festival in Panama back on March 15th and still haven’t been able to return home.

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There are still 40 people trapped on site at the festival after they were forced to quarantine there under new COVID-19 rules, so they’ve been living in a jungle by a beach for the past six weeks or whatever. Obviously this sounded like a major news story, so VICE went over there to shoot a short form documentary about it which you can see below:

Damn. That really does look like it was a pretty nervy time at the beginning, although I think it kinda implied that everyone who wanted to eventually managed to get home.

The guys who decided to stay there don’t sound like they’re having that shitty a time either. Kinda wanted to see more of what they were up to, but I guess that will be the subject of the sequel, whenever that arrives. Probably won’t be that long.

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