Goodbye Tinder, Hello 3nder (Tinder For Threesomes)

No-nonsense threesome hook up service set to rival Tinder.

Dating app 3nder, pronounced three-nder, is a no-nonsense threesome hook-up service that must have everyone at Tinder screwing hard (no pun intended). These guys have basically taken their idea and made it 1000x better.

On its website 3nder says it welcomes “all swingers, newbies, curious and experienced” who are looking for an instant threesome hook-up. It works exactly like Tinder and is available to download now.

Is it really 1000x better though? I guess it depends what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a threesome then obviously it is 100x better but these days it looks like people use Tinder for actual dating and not just sex, and 3nder is all about the latter.

Regardless, how does Tinder come back from this one? Can’t just have this 3nder crew show up on the scene and steal their spotlight can they?

We propose taking Tinder back to its grimy sex-only roots except upgrade it to the max so people can choose the category they’re after in real life. Asian/Anal/Black/Gangbang/Threesome etc. Give people the freedom to choose exactly what they’re in the mood for, ban anyone who’s actually using Tinder for love and people will forget all about 3nder in no time.


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