37 Photographs That Perfectly Illustrate The Glastonbury Comedown

Glastonbury Hangover Featured

Everyone who has been banging on about Glastonbury this week forgot to mention that they felt like this on Monday morning.

Glastonbury finished for another year on Sunday/Monday morning – or maybe even later for some. If you didn’t go then I’m sure you’ve had to endure at least one bland conversation/status update from someone you kind of know about how it was the best thing that had ever happened to them and they can’t wait to go back next year and every year ever after.

However, what they probably didn’t mention is that they felt like this when they woke up on Monday morning and that it was the absolute worst effort getting up and out of there and that they were probably still feeling terrible when they were espousing how great it was to you. That’s probably because they only party once a year and don’t really know how to party at all, which is why they love Glastonbury so much and why it’s such an effort for them to get back to reality after it. Not like us troopers who do it every week eh?

In any case, these pictures of people looking absolutely horrendous surrounded by trash will hopefully make you feel better about not attending, as even though whoever you spoke to was probably a moron, you probably did get a little bit jealous after seeing the TV coverage and hearing their monologue and seeing the guy who made a flag of Kim Kardashian sucking off Ray J for Kanye West’s set. It’s OK, we’re all in the same boat.

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