360 Degree VR Horror Sets The New Benchmark For ‘Completely Terrifying’

Not sure I can deal with this

360 degree filming has exploded on YouTube in the last year and it’s made watching horror films almost unbearable.

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The only way I can describe 360 degree VR is that it’s kind of like Google Earth, but instead of wandering around a photo, you wander around a video. The camera films all angles simultaneously and so just as on Google Earth you can look in any direction by simply dragging the mouse.


The technique is being used in all manner of ingenious ways, but it’s in the genre of horror where it really comes into its own; taking the classic “it’s behind you” trope to a whole new level.

Check out this clip of some happy clappy Jpop singers dancing around and make sure to keep an eye out for some sinister goings on (for the full effect, don’t skip ahead and don’t read the comments).

Obviously, I was completely freaked out when I first spotted the Ring girl just standing there at the back, but that’s par for the course with a scaredy-cat like me, but having the agonising choice of either looking away and running the risk of her creeping up on me, or keeping my eyes firmly fixed on her knowing full well that something even more horrific might be standing behind me was a little too much to take.

Not sure I can deal with all this new VR stuff but if you liked that then you’ll probably love this.


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