Here Are 34 Years Of Simpsons Christmas Cards

Simpsons Christmas Card Featured

The story of what would happen to The Simpsons if they actually aged, told through the medium of Christmas cards.

This is actually really good. I don’t know who came up with the concept, but it basically imagines that The Simpsons are an actual real life family and the changes that they go through over a 34 year period as they all grow and age.

The catch is though that it’s told through the medium of Christmas cards. This probably isn’t so much of a thing now as it used to be, but families used to send pictures of themselves as their Christmas cards along with updates about their family life. I always thought these were useless and stupid, but The Simpsons actually know how to do it so it’s really funny and entertaining and actually tells a pretty good story.

You know what they say – a picture tells a thousand words.

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