34 Year Old Virgin Who Lives In Mum’s Basement Uses Her As His ‘Wing Mum’ To Score (VIDEO)



Losing your virginity is difficult at the best of times, but I imagine that it’s only going to become harder as you grow older and older and haven’t managed to get rid of it. Especially if you’re still living in your parent’s basement when your’e 34 as well.

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Unfortunately, this is the situation that the guy featured in the video below named Skippy has found himself in, and it doesn’t seem to be helping the issue that he’s a complete horn dog with no idea how to get with girl at all. Just watch the video below, but to give you some idea, he regularly takes his mum out with him on the pull as his ‘wing mum’ and wears t shirts with phrases like ‘Virginity Rocks’ on them. It only gets worse from there as well:

Wow, I mean that was awkward wasn’t it? I kinda think it can’t be real because I’m fairly sure I’ve seen the guy in some kind of movie or TV show before, but then again I really don’t think anyone could write this one. I mean who would have a first date with a girl in his house and then ask her all those questions and say ‘a first date shouldn’t be an interview for a wife’? You couldn’t make it up.

Having said that, I suppose you’ve gotta say that Skippy seemed like a genuine nice guy, but you know what they say about nice guys when it comes to girls? They finish last, and that can’t really be more true than it was in that clip.

Hope you lose your virginity soon Skippy although I’m not betting on it any time soon. For more virginity, check out this 38 year old lifelong virgin marrying Jesus Christ. Maybe that could be Skippy in a few years.


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