33 People Overdosed On Synthetic Marijuana And Turned Brooklyn Into A Zombie Wasteland (VIDEO)

Synthetic Marijuana Brooklyn

Absolute poison.

We’ve talked about the dangers of synthetic marijuana on Sick Chirpse a few times before, but these videos and this event are the starkest reminder yet that that stuff is bad shit and it needs to be outlawed as quickly as possible.

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We’re over in Brooklyn where at least 33 people overdosed off a bad batch of the stuff. I say bad batch but I should probably say a way worse than usual batch because all of that stuff is fucking disgusting.

It happened in a developing area of the neighbourhood called Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick, where emergency workers had to transport all of those people out of there as they either lay on the ground or tried to walk around but basically ended up completely spazzing out and looking like zombies. Messed up.

Jesus. That looks completely horrible, like the kind of thing that you would give someone to torture them, not that you would take voluntarily in search of a good time.

Seriously how can this stuff not be illegal everywhere yet? How can people still manufacture it when this is what it’s doing to people?

If this has miraculously left you in any doubt over how awful synthetic marijuana is, then check out this documentary about it to be even more disgusted.


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