30 Awesome Retro Horror Movie Posters

Back when horror was less horrible, and a lot more jokes.

Nowadays horror films are truly horrible, I mean Human Centipede 3 FFS. Come on, it’s too much. I can’t watch them, my feeble mind and bladder can’t take it. Graphic scenes of torture, flesh crawling demonic tension and visceral dissection scenes. I’m too much of a wuss.

But there’s something pleasant and naive about retro horror posters that I can still enjoy. They’re so unrealistic that I can still get my kicks out of the mini-taster of evil whilst safe in the knowledge that I’ll be able to sleep tonight. Over the next few slides are some of the best old school horror film posters in the business.

Sleep easy my freaky little children:

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Old Retro Horror Film Posters - Brain Eaters

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