Math core band perform a hip hop parody of the Three Kings fable.

Ages and ages ago I did a post on the new band from ex Blakfish singer and guitarist Sam Manville, who was playing alongside a prodigal drum talent in a two piece band called Hymns. I was friends with all the guys in Blakfish and always meant to do a post on their new band &U&I but I haven’t got round to it yet. One day guys. In the meantime though I came across this comedy video that they have made in their spare time which imagines the three kings (you know from the story about baby Jesus, not from the George Clooney movie) as hip hop rappers rapping over the backing track to The Next Episode.

Doesn’t sound that funny? You’re wrong. My hatred of comedy music videos is fairly well documented and this is a lot funnier than that other comedy video I said I liked a couple of weeks ago (Legend of Zelda rap video). Maybe its because I know the guys in &U&I but I do I feel like this video is universally funny. The execution is perfect. It starts off with them playing the song acoustically in the garden and just when you’re like ‘WTF is this and why is it going on so long?’ the beat drops and it cuts to them doing more traditional hip hop things like…riding around in a car and walking across a field topless (!?) and you’re like ‘yeah, sick drop.’

The song goes on for another couple of minutes and is suitably hilarious in both the lyrics and the video. My favourite part is probably the chorus where it slows down and goes ‘gold, frankincense and gold, frankincense and gold, frankincense and myrhhther fucker!’ The whole thing is a hoot though and probably the best ‘alternative’ christmas song I’ve heard. Shits all over The Darkness anyhow.

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