A £283 Anti-5G Product Selling On eBay Is Actually Just A USB Drive

Could this be the key?

It’s been a hot minute since everyone was burning down 5G masts and blaming them for Coronavirus, but it turns out that the conspiracy against the new technology is still going on out there – and people are choosing to take advantage of it as well.

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This can be quite clearly seen in this new anti 5G product that was being sold on eBay for £283 (like the specifics of the price, really adds that air of authenticity to it). It’s being marketed as a 5G Bioshield, apparently creating a dome of positive energy around you that dispels 5G – or at least that’s what I think this confusing advert is trying to say about it:

Yeah, I’m not really sure if anyone with a brain is going to be buying that, but I guess most of the people that believe in the 5G conspiracy don’t have brains so they know their target audience and should do fairly well off the product. Fair play to them.

In case you’re still thinking about getting one though, here’s what a review on Pen Test Partners – a company that tears down products to look for security issues – said about the product:

A review of the stick’s properties revealed nothing more that what you’d expect from a regular 128MB USB key.

We weren’t even sure that 128s are still in production!

Digging further into the device, there appeared to be no electrical or other connections between the device and the ‘sticker’ and also no additional components other than the USB stick.

In our opinion the 5G BioShield is nothing more than a £5 USB key with a sticker on it.

Maybe they’re part of the conspiracy? I wouldn’t recommend spending £283 on this but hey, if you want to it’s up to you. Might be worth it to feel safe in a post Coronavirus world I guess.

For more of the same, check out this VICE documentary investigating the effects of 5G technology. What a rush.


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