A 28 Year Old Man Has Died After Having Silicon Injected Into His Testicles


If there’s one thing that I’m almost certainly not going to spend my time and money doing, then it’s injecting anything into my testicles – there’s simply no way that’s going to turn out beneficial in any way for any one.

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Whilst that might be true of me, it’s not true of everyone in the world as it’s well documented that some people out there are more than happy to inject silicon into their balls in order to make them as big as possible. I don’t know why people do that given the health risks, but hopefully reading this story will make anyone that was thinking about doing it at least think twice before they stick the needle down there.

That’s because a 28 year old man named Jack Chapman AKA Tank Hafertepen has sadly/stupidly died as a result of injecting his balls with silicone. RIP. Apparently Tank became involved in the master/slave scene in San Francisco and Seattle when living with a famous gay blogger named Dylan Hafertepen and this led to him experimenting with body modification which tragically seems to have led to his death. Tank also had to sign a contract signing over his salary to Hafertepen, agreeing to take his surname and also promising to wear a chain around his neck. That’s some serious dom/sub shit right there hey?

Haftertepen has denied forcing Tank to inject silicone into his balls, but Tank’s mother doesn’t believe that this is true and is blaming him for her son’s death. Haftertepen offered the following in reply to these allegations:

If he was my world, I was his sun; he made me feel like the centre of his universe.

To say I ‘miss him’ is an understatement. Core to his identity was his service. He lived to help people, and was happiest helping those he loved.

I love you, Tank. My best friend, partner, my world… my pup.


Is it just me or is that incredibly creepy, almost like this Dylan guy is the leader of some kind of cult or something and is full on basking in the glory of being so adored by his ‘followers’. It’s also kinda grim how he mentions his service and ends it with how Tank was his pup. You know that makes it sound like he doesn’t really give a shit about what’s happend and that it’s gonna wind the mother up the wrong way hella good too. Can’t wait for the miniseries.

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