Here Are 25 Real Pictures From Dating Sites That Make Absolutely No Sense

Dating Pictures That Make No Sense

Do these guys think they’re going to get a message, let alone a date?

We all know that dating is hard, but it looks like it’s got progressively harder with the advent of internet dating and Tinder – just take a look at the best and worst Tinder profiles/conversations that we feature every week as proof of that.

However, some people do not have any clue whatsoever what they’re doing when it’s coming to internet dating. I’m not talking about people that don’t try, or just come in with outrageous lines like ‘wanna fuk rn?’, I’m talking about people that literally have no clue what they’re doing and post ridiculous pictures and facts on their profile that are going to make people run an absolute mile when they get a load of them.

Of course, they’ll only run a mile after they’ve taken a screenshot and sent it to their friends first. These are the best of those.

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Internet Dating Pictures 1

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