These 25 Photographs That Show The Process Of Pregnancy From Inside The Womb Will Blow Your Mind

Pregnancy Shots Within The Womb

A Swedish photographer by the name of Lennart Nilsson was fascinated by the idea of pregnancy and wanted to chronicle it and the development of a foetus via the medium of photography.

In order to do this, he used conventional cameras fitted with macro lenses, an endoscope and a scanning electron microscope. Using a magnification level of hundreds of thousands he was then able to essentially work right within the womb.

The first photograph he took of a foetus was amazingly way back in 1965. He spent the next 12 years chronicling the process of pregnancy and the following slideshow is the best pictures he managed to take of each stage.

If you liked these, then check out these shots of what animal foetuses look like within the womb too – they’ll definitely blow your mind.

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1 — Sperm In The Fallopian Tube

Pregnancy Photographs In The Womb 1

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