24 Year Old Woman Left Devastated After Travelling To Amsterdam To Meet A Boy In ‘Pull A Pig’ Prank

Pull A Pig Prank


There are always probably going to be those times when you hook up with someone and end up regretting it for whatever reason, but I don’t think it’s really that cool to deliberately  target someone who you think is ugly and then lead them on extensively so that you and your friends can laugh at them.

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This is apparently a trend though now called the ‘Pull A Pig’ prank and it’s been going on for years, but the actions of a Dutch man named Jesse Mateman are blasting it into the mainstream. 21 year old Jesse met 24 year old Sophie Stevenson on a trip to Barcelona and the two kept in contact, before Jesse convinced her to spend £350 on a flight to go and visit him in Amsterdam from her home in Stoke. Unfortunately, when Sophie arrived he didn’t show up and was uncontactable before sending her a taunting Snapchat six hours later explaining that he had played the ‘pull a pig’ prank on her. Ouch.

Sophie was so upset that she booked a flight back to England immediately. Here’s what she had this to say about her experience:

‘Pulling a pig’ is where a guy tries to pull the fat ugly girl. When I saw that message, I wanted to be sick. I was in a foreign country on my own and the guy that I liked had just abandoned me.

I replied and said ‘how could you be so cruel’ and all he did was block me. I just couldn’t believe it. It’s one thing to have a joke, but this goes well beyond banter.

Yeah, I can’t really get behind this. It’s not really funny to hook up with someone whose fat just to make your friends laugh, and it’s even less funny to lead them on for months and get them to spend loads of money on coming to visit you only to stand them up and then completely rinse them – Jesse sounds like a real knob basically. It does seem like the way this story is spreading around the internet though that he’s probably never going to live it down either and hopefully it’s going to encourage guys to not participate in such cruel behaviour in the future. We can but hope because stuff like this doesn’t really do anyone any favours.

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