22-Year-Old Girl With Coronavirus Wonders How She Got It After Clubbing 4 Days In A Row

It’s a mystery.

A 22-year-old girl who tested positive for Covid-19 has shared her story via a thread on Twitter, giving some actually insightful info on the day-to-day symptoms and the actions she took to fight them.

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There’s a really dumb Tweet from her at the end of it all, but before that she does provide an interesting look at the timeline of the coronavirus experience (well the particular experience of this young and healthy 22-year-old anyway):

Brutal stuff. You wouldn’t wish that on anyone, would you? Good thing she made it through however, because then she wouldn’t have been able to share this amazing, final Tweet:

That’s my guess?? Lol. I would say that’s a pretty good guess. You might even think she was trying a bit of humour there but it can’t be because the rest of the thread is so serious.

Anyway, respect to Bjonda for sharing her experience but if there’s one thing you should take from her story it’s to not go out clubbing during the coronavirus era, let alone on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That’s how you end up infecting yourself and everyone else and we’re really trying to see less of that right now.

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