21 Year Old Student Says People Confuse Her 64 Year Old Lover With Her Dad



Even though there’s nothing wrong with dating someone 43 years your senior (providing you’re of age), there’s no doubt in my my mind – and there shouldn’t be in yours either – that you’re going to get a few odd looks when you’re walking around hand in hand.

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And that’s exactly how 64 year old Jonathan Geffner and 21 year old Alexandria Gayton-Gutierrez seem to be finding it, with the couple saying that Alexandria is often mistaken for Jonathan’s daughter. Awkward.

The pair first met on Facebook back when Alexandria was 19 after they started commenting on a Harpo Marx fan page. Nothing creepy about that at all. The two thens tarted talking daily before eventually meeting up with Jonathan flying three hours to meet her in San Antonio, Texas:

I told her about my work as a ventriloquist, my daughters – Michelle, now 20, and Sabrina, now 17.

I learnt she was about to go to college and lived 1,800 miles away San Antonio, Texas.

The chat got personal. I complimented her, I thought she was wonderful and very beautiful.

I was initially wary of developing feelings for her, telling her I was way too old for her.

But I couldn’t deny there was chemistry.

She’d sometimes say she was falling in love with me.

I was trying to fight it, but truthfully I felt the same.”

I told her: ‘it would be a mistake to be with you, and it would be a bigger mistake not to pursue a relationship with you.

After flying to meet her and sharing our first kiss, I realised she was the one.

People do sometimes think we are father and daughter, but we just laugh it off.

It might be unusual, but our relationship works.

And to be fair it sounds like it really does – Alexandria still studies music at university and lives in her dorm room and the pair split their time visiting each other. Her family and friends were very supportive of the relationship too surprisingly, once they saw how strong Jonathan’s feelings were for her.

Of course, a bunch of people are going to think it’s weird creepy so my only question about this is why did they bother going to the newspapers to talk about it and get their pictures taken? Surely that’s just gonna make the stigma worse? Never really get those kind of people.

Anyway, for more of the same check out a 40 year old man getting obliterated by a 15 year old kid. Pick your battles wisely.



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