The 2016 ‘Tour De Fridge’ Has Arrived

Tour De Fridge


Over in the town of Ellenbrook, Australia, there’s a yearly piss up called the Tour De Fridge.

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The event involves over 80 people getting on push bikes and riding around to various houses in the town, and drinking a bunch of beers and partying at said houses. The guys manage to get through over 1000 beers during the day and they always manage to film all the crazy shit they get up to during it too.

As you might imagine, it’s complete and utter carnage and highly entertaining watching this bunch of pissheads riding around and falling over and doing beer bongs and jumping into bins and whatever else they get up to. Brutal.

Nice DeGeneration X shirt dude. Bit messed up when that guy got his nose broken though eh? Should probably learn to drink responsibly. Love the way they don’t have to lock their bikes up though and just leave them in the driveway – like you would ever be able to do that over here.

For highlights of last year’s event, click here.


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