The Candidates For The 2015 Ferenc Puskas Award Have Been Announced

Ferenc Puskas Award

Prepare to witness some absolute screamers.

In case you’re unaware, the Ferenc Puskas award is the award given for the best goal of the season and it’s always a treat when the nominees are announced because you get to witness some absolutely sick skills and belters of goals.

This year, we’ve got goals from Leo Messi (obviously), Carlos Tevez, Carli Lloyd, Wendell Lira and some guy from Fleetwood Town called David Ball, as well as a few others. The shortlist is announced at the end of the month and then the winner itself is picked in January.

Take a look at all of them below and let us know which one you think is the best.

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Personally I would have to go for Messi’s goal. I know that’s obvious but he does annihilate about three people standing directly around him, and I’m pretty sure he scored that in a big cup game as well.

All the other goals are great though too, although I feel like Carli Lloyd’s is slightly tarnished by the fact the keeper spaffed it up a bit. Mexes’ goal is really cool too but he’ll probably lose some points for how dumb his celebration was afterwards and I really liked Lira’s too because I haven’t really ever seen anything like that before. We’ll see what happens come November 30th though.

To watch the goals scored by previous nominees for the award in the past few years click here. It’s highly recommended because as you can see from the clip above, the goals are generally all absolute smashers.


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