20 Men Rubbed Fake Poo On A 4 Year Old Asian Girl’s Face In A Racist Attack


Up in Cornmarket in Worcester, a young 4 year old girl was subjected to a racial attack over the weekend when a guy decided to rub a fake turd all over her face whilst 20 of his mates in the Royal Exchange pub (pictured below) laughed and jeered at her.

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The girl’s uncle Tayyib Nawaz – who was with them at the time – explains what happened:

My mum, my sister with her 18-month-old son in a pushchair and her daughter, aged four, were walking through town and some “man” thought it would be cool to try and rub fake poop in my niece’s face.

Then he tried to do the same to my mum too, which received a load of cheers. Now my niece is too frightened to even go back into town. Nobody intervened. Absolutely disgusting.

We were targeted because we were wearing headscarves and Asian clothes.

Despite the fact my family was visibly distressed by the attack, the men carried on and did not feel any remorse or guilt.

Royal Exchange

Well, that’s just absolutely gross behaviour isn’t it, but I guess it’s come to be expected unfortunately now a minority of people think that racist attacks are justified following Brexit and recent terror attacks. In fairness, the owner of the pub did evict the guys once someone told him what had happened but it’s pretty awful that nobody intervened or did anything about it. Having said that though maybe messing with 20 pissed up lads wouldn’t have been the best course of action for anyone on the scene either.

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Let’s hope stuff like this becomes less common in the future, although I can only see it increasing unfortunately. For a better story involving poop, check out these photograph’s of a Brazilian man’s multicoloured poop. No, not joking.


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