Here Are 20 Genuine Reasons People Ended Their Engagements


‘My fiancee has a small penis.’

Getting engaged is a pretty big life decision. If you do it right, then hopefully you’ll only ever have to do it once and everything will be end up being all ‘happily ever after’ for you. If you do it wrong though, you could end up being unhappy for  a really long time and basically screwing your whole life up.

Or alternatively, you could end up as one of these people, who got engaged but then decided to all off their wedding before they went through with it. You might say that they got the best of both worlds, or you might say that they’re even more messed up than people that make a mistake getting engaged and actually go through with it and end up divorced.

Whatever you think of them though, their reasons are pretty fascinating and they’ve happily explained their mentality to us through the secret sharing app Whisper. Take a look at them below.

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Engagement 1

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