19 Year Old Girl Set To Marry 53 Year Old Fiancee Despite Being Cut By From Family

Michaela Matron

Love shows up in the strangest of places.

Love often shows up in the strangest of places and we’ve now got another one to add to the list thanks to the story of 19 year old Michaela Matson and 53 year old William Madera.

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The pair first got together thanks to meeting on an app where they vented their frustrations about everyday life. Sounds way better than Tinder.

Anyway, things progressed from there until they were talking every day and Michaela realised that she was falling for him. Her parents obviously weren’t happy about this development and blocked her trip from Nebraska to Alberta, Canada to meet William by confiscating her passport, but that couldn’t stop the path of true love as she saved up for another one herself and flew off up there to live with him.

Here’s what Michaela had to say about the relationship:

MIchaela MAtson

The first time I saw William’s photo, I was thinking, ‘Wow, he’s handsome’ and was attracted to him straight away.

I liked his nose, it’s cute and crooked – because his mom broke it as a child – then he has the most gorgeous light brown eyes that are completely breath-taking.

I didn’t know who he was at first, but he caught my eye and after we started talking more and more, gradually I realised I was falling for this man.

Whenever I was texting him, my dad asked if I was talking to ‘the piece of shit’.

Because I had given my mom my passport after telling my parents about what should have been my vacation with William, I had to apply for a new one and set aside money for myself to move in with him.

But as soon as I saw him at the airport I dropped my luggage and ran, I was so excited and overwhelmed to finally meet face to face.

We don’t expect people to know we are engaged, and not father and daughter because age gap relationships aren’t typical, we try not to let it bother us.

I’ve been called his daughter quite a few times, but he proudly tells them ‘she’s my fiancée’. Other times we laugh it off while they apologise.


I mean that’s great and best of luck to them. It’s kind of creepy sure, but I guess it’s perfectly legal so we can’t really complain about it other than the fact it’s a bit icky.

I gotta say something though – why do all these people always end up going to the papers with their stories? Do they think people aren’t just going to think they’re relationship is really kinda gross and weird? Wouldn’t it be better for them to try and keep out of the public eye and not turn into a viral news story? Do they really need the money (which I’m sure isn’t that much) that bad?

I guess they might want to raise awareness and encourage others in similar positions to think it’s OK and I suppose I’ve gotta give them props for that if that is the case, because it can’t be easy for them, especially when people like me are saying all these things about them. Still, fair play to them – I genuinely hope it works out and doesn’t end in tears. Not so sure though.

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