Fisherman Catches 18 Inch Shrimp Directly Out Of Your Nightmares

18 Inch Giant Shrimp

That’s a big fucking shrimp.

A Florida fisherman named Steve Bargeron watched his friend catch a gigantic mutant shrimp that looks kind of a like a giant insect from Naked Lunch/your nightmares when he was out fishing for lobster in Fort Pierce.

He sent the pictures you can see below into the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, who subsequently posted them all over the internet because they were so unbelievable. Even the head scientists there aren’t exactly sure what the shrimp is, although they’re speculating that it’s a particularly large mantis shrimp, named after its retractable claws which it uses to stab prey – you know like humans.

The two fin like appendages sticking out of the creature’s head are actually its eyes, which can move independently of each other. Terrifying right – almost as scary as some of the other weirdest creatures in the ocean.

Giant Shrimp 1

Giant Shrimp 2

Giant Shrimp 3


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