18 Hilarious Pictures Of Russian Cops In Ridiculous Situations

Stern but fair.

I’ve never really thought much about the Russian police force except to assume – probably rather baselessly – that they’re probably completely corrupt and full of weirdoes. If these pictures are anything to go by then it certainly seems pretty different compared to our police force.

It seems like it’s perfectly acceptable to be completely wasted whilst in uniform, smoke cigarettes whilst in uniform, be completely out of shape and butters, perv on girls and just hook up with them. There’s also a few other pictures of them driving really ridiculous cars and just being idiots and hanging out in weird situations, which I guess is expected from Russia in general isn’t it?

Always remember – Russian police, stern but fair. Check out all the images on the slideshow and then compare them to the Reykavik police force, who look like they’re having an even better time but for completely different reasons.

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