18 Doctors In Florida Contract Coronavirus After Attending A House Party Together

I don’t think that I can rag on doctors for going to a party these days considering that pretty much everyone out there is pretty much carrying on like their lives are normal after the lockdown restrictions were lifted, but it’s still kind of crazy that these people who know the risks more than anyone are still doing stuff like this and facing the consequences.

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We’re over in Gainesville, Florida for this one, where at least 18 doctors have contracted Coronavirus after attending a house party on July 10th. There’s some controversy about what the party was in aid of – some people said it was celebrating incoming first year students, but others said that it was a going away party for a resident – but what nobody is in dispute about is that at least 30 residents were in attendance.

As a result of going to the party, 17 anaesthesiologists contracted COVID-19 alongside one fellow.  It is thought that they all made a full recovery, but even so that must have had a pretty heavy impact on the anaesthesiology department.

Here’s what an official statement from the Gainesville hospital said:

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UF Health educates its faculty, staff and students on best practices to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Our goal is to minimize the spread of the illness on our campus and in our community, recognizing that it’s impossible to prevent all cases given the way pandemics naturally work.

I mean although that probably is true, still might have not ended up with 18 new cases if those doctors hadn’t attended that party. You would think they would know better, but I suppose when the government advice is so convoluted – I think it’s even worse over in America than it is over here – then you can’t really blame them either. Try and be careful I guess.

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