17 Year Old Who Couldn’t Stand Up Straight For Four Months Is Finally Cured By Awesome Chiropracter

17 Year Old Can't Stand Up Straight

It only took this guy two weeks to sort him out.

A 17 year old kid called Muntathar from America completely and utterly screwed his back up after he pulled up a tree root.

He was hunched over and unable to stand up straight, and if he did attempt this then he would simply feel excruciating pain all over his body and his left leg would go completely numb. In short, he was completely screwed and every physician he went to see would refuse to touch him because they were so scared of making it worse and getting sued.

Muntathat ended up bedridden for four months and woke up every day wishing that he was dead  His last resort was to go and see renowned chiropractor Dr. Ian over in Australia. This video tells the story of his trip and is a completely inspiring piece of film that shows that even when you’re at your lowest, there’s a way for things to get better. It’s almost as inspirational as Shia LaBouef’s motivational speeches.

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